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    What do you buy at the airport gate because you can't bring it through security?
    What can some birds do that other birds can't?
    Name something an employee might ask their boss for.
    Name a breakfast food that's hard to cook just right.
    Name a fruit that can get bruised.
    Name something you can build with wood.
    Name something people use bumper stickers to show support for.
    What do you need in order to find buried treasure?
    We asked 100 Married Women: Name a chore you'd rather do yourself because you like it done a particular way.
    Other than movie tickets, name something a crowded movie theatre might run out of.
    What day or occasion are you most likely to eat brunch?
    Name something that only a very inattentive driver would forget to do while driving.
    Name a type of glasses that you don't wear all the time.
    Name something a doctor might ask a patient to do during a checkup.
    Name something you wear at the beach, that you wouldn't wear to the grocery store.
    Name something that can be spiked.
    Name something that often happens when you call a customer service number.
    Name a beverage people often have with brunch.
    Name a reason why a workplace might not have their annual Christmas party.
    Tell me something you need in order to win the lottery.
    Name something you have an abundance of after you move.
    Name a TV channel that people pay extra to get.
    Name something you purchase additionally when you buy a home.
    Name a famous criminal twosome.
    On Thanksgiving Day, name a specific job that you have the same person do each year.
    Tell me something rude that people do in the checkout line.
    Name something a beauty queen wears during a pageant.
    Name something a person shouldn't try to change about their partner.
    Name a public place where towels are provided.
    Name something a teen's dad would ask her date when he came to the door.
    Name something a teen might get in trouble for doing in the family photo.
    Name a millionaire who could never be rich enough to make you want to date him.
    Name a celebrity who was proven not guilty, but probably is.
    What do politicians claim to understand, though most have never experience it.
    Name something you might be asked to put on your head at a party.
    Other than growing vegetables, name something a farmer probably does better than most people.
    Name a game that requires you to psych someone out in order to win.
    Other than food, name something a vendor would sell at a sporting event.
    If you became a millionaire, which job around the house would you hire a professional to do?
    How do teachers mnake sure parents find out that their kid failed a test?
    Name a specific food that you'd never put in the microwave without covering it.
    If a wrestler had a garage sale, name something you'd find there.
    Tell me another word or phrase that means "kiss."
    Name something a teen girl might ask her mom to stay out of.
    What might a fan ask their favorite musician for if they met in person?
    Name something you can't buy without an ID.
    Name something that you always give your partner a kiss before doing.
    Tell me a food that's often fried.
    Name something you'd hate to forget about a person you know.
    Name a "bowl" that you don't eat from.
    Name something you would give your valentine if you wanted to break up with them.
    Name a material that's often used in sexy clothing.
    Name something that growls.
    We asked 100 women: name a gift that you'd alwasy be happy to get from your partner.
    Name something George Washington wore that a modern day president never would.
    Name a job in which you'd be exposed to a lot of germs.
    Name something that must be maintained or it will fall apart.
    Name something men stand around at many parties.
    What kind of message do people put into a bottle?
    Name something you might add milk to in the morning.
    Name something a mob daughter might ask her dad to leave home from her wedding.
    Name something in a house that a spoiled kid might have their own of.
    Name something that's only worn once, but you never get rid of it.
    Name a profession where you'd often say "good job" to someone.
    Name something in a wallet that cannot be replaced.
    Name something your teen likes to wear, but you hope he'll leave home on picture day.
    Tell me something you must teach a new puppy not to do.
    Name a room in your house that's only clean when you know company's coming.
    Name a safety device that older cars didn't have.
    Name something you outgrow.
    Name an animal that's not loved by many people.
    Why would someone want to be employee of the week, but not student of the week?
    Name a beverage that people often carry around with them.
    Name a place where people are afraid to go for the first time.
    Name an item found in your fridge or pantry that you can use to clean the kitchen.
    Name something you would cook in a slow cooker.
    Name something you'd never do to a stray dog you just met.
    How can you identify someone who really loves the Super Bowl?
    Name an activity that you must pass a test before doing.
    Name a word that's used to describe attractive women, but not attractive men.
    Name a place you'd expect even a tough guy to be crying.
    Name something a clown does with her makeup, that you avoid doing with yours.
    What might a cowboy be ridiculed for being bad at?
    Name something Donald Trump probably has on his Christmas List.
    Name a gag store item that a jokester should leave home on a first date.
    Name something that's hard to find, and even harder to keep.
    Name something on which you might need your boss' signature.
    Name a physical sign of aging that many peopl work hard to prevent.
    Other than love, name something that people marry for.
    Name a rule that's often posted near a swimming pool.
    We asked 100 unmarried couples: where does your partner sleep when you stay at your parents' house?
    Where might a child have to sit during a time out?
    Name something some people blast the volume on.
    Name an object that people often find themselves yelling at.
    Name something drivers often do if they spot a police car up ahead.
    Where can you safely see animals that are usually dangerous?
    Name something kids bring into a swimming pool with them.
    If your pizza was delivered very late, what would you expect in order to make up for it?
    Name a good job to have if you want to get a nice tan.
    Name a place in the house where only a real TV-lover would put a televison.
    Name something specific at the movie theatre that's gotten too expensive.
    Name something you'd hate to find your date wearing to the symphony.
    Tell me a way to say hi in another language.
    If someone has taken their karaoke hobby too far, what might they begin doing?
    Name something a parent might limit their child's time using.
    Without the uniform, how can you tell that someone is in the military?
    Name something you would rather see "Live" than on television.
    Name something that breaks easily without its case.
    Name an occasion where people often wear white.
    Name a reason why you might run out of candy before trick or treat has ended.
    Name a reason you may dread going to your child's parent-teacher conference.
    Which food that gets stuck in your teeth should be avoided on a date?
    Name a famous person who is known for the way their mouth looks.
    Name a type of contest you might enter at a county fair.
    Name an occupation that deals with keys.
    What might your co-worker do to let you know she is very excited about Christmas?
    Name a word grooms say they'll do at the alter, but probably never say after the wedding.
    Name an activity that'd be hard to do by candlelight.
    Name a type of candy that sounds like something you'd dig up from the ground.
    If you're driving in the middle of nowhere, what animal might you see crossing the street?
    Name something that a doctor better not be afraid of.
    When Spring comes, name something you're excited to see the first one of.
    If you got to be fearless for one day, name the first thing you'd try.
    Name something people do in musicals, but never in real life.
    Which section of the department store do you avoid visiting if you have a kid along?
    Name a place where a woman might not want her partner to spend too much time.
    Name a place where you take a number before being served.
    Name a good day-job for a magician.
    Tell me a reason people give for wearing black.
    Tell me a theme park someone might visit while in Orlando, Florida.
    Name a sport that you're likely to get cold while watching.
    Name something you could do after a successful first date, that would prevent you from getting a second date.
    Name a place where you might be waited on hand and foot.
    If one of the 3 Stooges got married, what action might replace a kiss at the altar?
    Name something that once lived but is now extinct.
    Name a weather condition that often causes traffic jams.
    Name an occasion for which a woman might buy a new dress.
    Name something that happens to a grown-up that makes them appreciate their parents more.
    Name a reason a college student might not finish school.
    Name something you write a note to remind yourself to do.
    Tell me someone you might address as sir or ma'am.
    Which beverage would you be most surprised to see served with a fancy meal?
    Name an occupation in which you might need to send a photo in order to be considered.
    Name something a hairdresser would have a hard time doing her job without.
    Which food is most likely to make someone lose a tooth?
    We asked 100 married men: name something your wife can pick out for you because she knows you so well.
    Name something you'd be disappointed to find your pizza was missing.
    Name a holiday no one cares about.
    Name something people bite on when they're nervous.
    Name something you wouldn't want to be caught red-handed doing.
    Name a type of movie you would not want to watch alone.
    Name a place where you might be asked whether you're married.
    Other than looking up numbers, name something a phone book gets used for.
    Name something an adult can do in a car that a kid can't.
    Name something that would ruin a wedding if it was bad.
    Name something you end up buying last minute when it's in your checkout line.
    Which school grade would a teacher need most patience in order to teach?
    Name a brand of jeans that most people know.
    Before CDs, what did people listen to music on?
    Name something you did at middle school dances that you would never do at a dance club now.
    Which baby product comes in male and female versions, though it wouldn't need to?
    Name a spooky place that people might visit around Halloween.
    Name a phrase that ends with the word -"dating".
    Name a food that can be lumpy.
    Why might you re-read a book?
    In which job would a single person have an easy time getting dates?
    Name a part of the body that gets mentioned a lot in romantic songs.
    Name an article of clothing that's too sexy for a woman to wear to the office.
    Name a liquid that you'd never take a sip of.
    Name something a woman sees that would make her tell her husband to stop the car.
    Why might parents wait til after baby's born to give it a name?
    If you don't look like Cindy Crawford, what clothing item might you still be able to model?
    What does a person with bad eyesight do first thing in the morning?
    Name a country with a large population.
    Name a vegetable that isn't green.
    Name a reason why a mail carrier might refuse to deliver to someone's house.
    Other than cut it, name something you expect a beautician to do to your hair during a haircut.
    Name a way that you can tell a kid's bedroom apart from their parents' room.
    Name somethign kids might collect from the beach.
    Name an activity you can learn to do while visiting Hawaii.
    Unlike his jacket, name a part of your husband's suit that you wouldn't borrow even if you were cold.
    Name an occasion in which dancing is part of the celebration.
    Name something you should probably book ahead of time if you're going on vacation.
    What might authorities ask to see when you're crossing an international border?
    Name a piece of exercise clothing that people wear outside the gym.
    Name a fruit that changes color as it ripens.
    Name something you often have to spell out while speaking to someone over the phone.
    Even though it's a beautiful place to visit, name a reason why you might not want to live in Hawaii.
    Name something people used more often before cell phones were invented.
    What reason might a teen give for why they're dropping out of college?
    Name something a lumberjack bride might be wearing under her wedding gown.
    Tell me a specific part of the body that you wish people would stop tattooing.
    Name a food that would be hard to eat if you were missing your 2 front teeth.
    Tell me something a person sees that causes them to scream.
    Name something you might need in order to enter a child's treehouse.
    Name something gross about a water park.
    Name a reason why it's good to live near your in-laws.
    Name a word used to describe someone who's funny.
    Name a reason why a child may not want to give a valentine to another child.
    Name something that you'd never want your mom to show your date.
    Name a way to remove hair, if you can withstand the pain.
    Name a real life person who's famous for something courageous they did.
    Name a food that you'd never eat with your bare hands.
    Name something that you're more likely to have happen when you wear high heels.
    Name something you see when you look up in the city, that you don't see in the country.
    Name another word or phrase for getting married.
    Name a test that people get very nervous about taking.
    Name something baseball fans argue with the umpire about. (Be more specific than "calls").
    Why wouold your spouse make a good private eye?
    Tell me something about Summer that you look forward to most.
    Name a specific reason why you'd give your waitress a lousy tip.
    Besides phone number, name a set of numbers that most people must remember.
    We asked 100 women: what might you get 2 tickets for in order to entice your crush into a date?
    Name a type of payment that a parking meter doesn't usually accept.
    Name a person who might look deep into your eyes.
    Name something football players probably don't wear off the field.
    Name something men trade in for a new one once it gets old.
    Name something that a single person has more freedom to do.
    Name something that starts with "B" that people look for in a partner.
    What is the worst mode of getting home when carrying a lot of groceries?
    Name something that people buy a special type of ring for.
    What is the first song you learn how to play when playing the piano?
    Name a skill a cowboy would put on his resume, that wouldn't apply to your job.
    Name something in your house that can be dangerous if it's left on too long.
    Name something in your house that has numbers on it.
    Name something in your life that you wish had come with instructions.
    Name something most kids are afraid to try, but then realize it's no big deal after doing it.
    Name something of her husband's that a woman might wear.
    Name something overpriced that some people buy every day.
    Name something people do for their teeth right before a dentist appointment, but not otherwise.
    Name something people do the day before a vacation.
    Name something people promise to their partners.
    Name something some people make for their baby, instead of buying it.
    Name something that an unhappily married couple may no longer do together.
    Name something that happens to old jeans, that some people consider stylish.
    Name something you do ahead of time when company is coming to stay.
    Name the best food to put on a mousetrap.
    Name a number that's associated with being lucky or unlucky.
    Name something babies probably dream about.
    Name a healthy choice that young people may put off til they're older.
    Name a beverage that you'd like to see sold in vending machines.
    Name something that kids think is endless.
    Name something that works better if it has a driver.
    Name something wild that audience members do at a rock concert, but not at a symphony.
    Name something you call your parents for.
    Name something you hate for a public bathroom to be out of.
    Name something you unplug when you're not using it.
    Name something you worry about on a sleepless night.
    Name somewhere you might stop on the way to work.
    Name something good to do the night before a big test.
    Other than boxing, name a sport in which you're likely to see athletes fighting.
    Other than floats, name something people ride on in parades.
    Name something permanent on a criminal's skin that police use to be sure they've got their man.
    Name something you hear outside that lets you know it's springtime.
    Name something a teen dreads talking to their parents about.
    Name a part of good manners that you follow at a restaurant, but not at home.
    Name an animal that's shown as cute in cartoons, but is disgusting in real life.
    Who might a person be with, if both people are dressed identically?
    Name a famous TV show or movie that features a vampire.
    Name something kids use in the bathtub that an adult would look silly using.
    Name a place where people lay out to get a suntan.
    Which subject would most elementary school kids say is their favorite?
    Name something that happens in Spring that puts you in a good mood.
    Why would a cheerleader say she had a bad day?
    Name a type of exercise class that would probably be attended by more females than males.
    Name a nuisance most people have to deal with if they work downtown.
    What makes a taxi driver say he has ahd a lucky day?
    Name something that comes in a tube.
    Name an occasion for which you'd send someone a card.
    Name something people swallow whole.
    Name something a politician does when scandalous news breaks out about them.
    Other than good food, name something a great restaurant has to have.
    Name a job that gets more work in Winter.
    In which profession are you most likely to find lots of people with tattoos?
    Name a specific rule that kids might try to fool their babysitter about.
    Tell me something in your hotel room that you'd be disgusted to find dirty.
    Name a painful procedure that a woman might do for the sake of beauty.
    Name something that gets stuck in a tree.
    Name a sport that does not have the word ball in it.
    Name a sign of aging that some people consider attractive.
    Name a type of place where you wouldn't want to be known as a "regular".
    Name something that people bounce.
    Name a sour fruit that few people would eat whole.
    Name something you wear that you can't forget to zip.
    Name something a chef might do to a dish before serving it.
    Name a comedian who probably doesn't write their own jokes.
    Name a food that you keep in the house for a night when you don't feel like cooking.
    Name a place where school children often go for field trips.
    What ailment might you have the morning after a wild party?
    Instead of a schoolbus, how might a wealthy kid get to school?
    Name something you never cook at home, but order when eating at a restaurant.
    Name something an astronaut has to go without when traveling in space.
    Name a physical characteristic that aliens are said to have.
    Name something you think a princess may bring along on a date.
    Name a place that only the world's dumbest thief would try to rob.
    Tell me a specific type piece of clothing that many women stop wearing after a certain age.
    Tell me someone who charges you for advice.
    Name something the founding fathers wore, that would look funny if worn today.
    Name something a woman might stop maintaining once she's in a serious relationship.
    Name something obnoxious some people do while chewing.
    After overeating during the holidays, name the first place where you gain weight.
    While at the weddding, name a way you can tell that the marriage won't last.
    Name a fierce animal that is trained and tame at the circus.
    Name a reason why you wouldn't want a soap opera character for your best friend.
    Name a place where you get very thirsty.
    Name a weather condition that might cause you to have wacky hair.
    Name a texting phrase you may use with someone with whom you are romantically involved.
    Name something you occasionally do that causes you to walk a lot.
    Why might a door-to-door salesperson skip a particular house?
    Name the worst article of clothing to forget on a ski trip.
    Name a quality that's important in a friend, and even more important in a spouse.
    What do you see at a rodeo?
    Name something many men refuse to ask for help with.
    Name something that a regular-sized person could never borrow from an NBA player.
    Name a food that goes well with ketchup.
    Name something you heat up in the microwave besides leftovers.
    Name a term or phrase with the word "horse" in it.
    Name a place where people 50 years ago dressed up to go, but people today dress casually for.
    Name a reason somebody would wear a hat all the time.
    Which festive holiday was more fun when you were a kid?
    Name a section you see in most greeting card stores.
    Name a food that tastes better when it's grilled.
    Name a non-edible item that people have in their freezers.
    Name something you do to an item before giving it as a gift.
    Name an article of clothing that usually can't be put in the dryer.
    Name a city that is best known for its nightlife.
    If your boss was Ebenezer Scrooge, name something you wouldn't dare ask for around the holidays.
    Why would someone prefer to own a camera instead of a camcorder?
    What might a mail carrier see in someone's yard that would prevent him from delivering their mail?
    What everyday activity burns the most calories?
    Name something dangerous that a beginning juggler shouldn't start with.
    What do people do more on the 4th of July than on the 5th of July?
    Name something tourists point up at.
    If a man had a very full beard, what part of his face might be invisible?
    Name something most parents would let their teen experiment with.
    Name a sport whose athletes you'd least like to get in a fight with.
    How long do you usually wait in a doctor's waiting room?
    Name something that's legal for a police officer to do, but not for anyone else.
    Name a reason why you would buy a convertible?
    Name something that a divorced person might bring with them into a new relationship.
    Name something you usually only drink during the Christmas holiday.
    Name an article of clothing that most people own at least 10 of.
    Name a fish that is canned.
    Name something your child "has to have" and then doesn't use.
    Why might someone ride their bike to work?
    Name something you'd want to be sure to do before going up in a hot air balloon.
    When in a place of business, how can you identify the boss?
    Name a way to determine the age of the person on the other end of the phone.
    Name a human food that many zoo animals eat.
    Name a reason why people dread going to the DMV.
    Name something you can do with a pet dog, but not with a pet rock.
    Name a way to make someone laugh without speaking to them.
    Name a game in which small children have an advantage over adults.
    Name something you find more of at a sporting event, than at a movie theater.
    Name a place where people wear very little clothing during the winter.
    What would you pat on a baby's body that you would never pat on an adult you don't know?
    Name something a go-cart and a racecar both have.
    Name a drink you get at a cafe that most people con't make at home.
    On a resume, what might a person claim they can do quickly?
    If you met the real life prince charming, how would you know it was him?
    Name something you do to let a friend know she has food on her face.
    Name something a divorced person might do with their weddingring.
    Name something kids often ask for before bed, that their parents refuse.
    Name a talk show host who many people respect.
    Name a food that you might need help removing the lid from.
    Name a reason, other than hard work, that your boss would give you a raise.
    Name something that a demanding bride may ask her maid-of-honor to do that could end their friendship.
    Name a question a taxi driver must hear a lot.
    Name the last person a couple should fight in front of.
    What's the messiest thing to clean up after the Christmas holiday?
    Name a month in which you have an expensive heating bill.
    Tell me something that waddles.
    What would a new parent dread having to do?
    Name a food you eat when you're sick that isn't very filling.
    Unlike coffee, name a beverage that you could never make money off selling by the cup.
    After too much time together, what one thing can get on your nerves about your partner?
    What might a child do in the grocery store that embarrasses their parent?
    Name something you find on the street, that the owner doesn't want returned.
    Name something you use to shave that can be replaced at the drug store.
    Name an activity that's hard to get through without losing your temper.
    Other than turn letters, name something Vanna must get tired of during a Wheel of Fortune game.
    Name something you take home new, that could never come in a box.
    Name something you could do in a police car, that you can't do in most cars.
    Name a beverage you'd never serve to frosty the snowman.
    Name something you're advised not to do with a microwave.
    Name something you might stay in and do on a rainy day.
    Name something a family does when spending "quality time" together.
    What would a clown have to remove in order to fit in a clown car?
    Name a task that requires you to use a ladder.
    Name a decoration you might find inside a mexican restaurant.
    Name the last thing you'd want to happen to you in the airport.
    Name something it would be rude not to do when being introduced to a stranger.
    What would you be surprised to have happen while riding a stationary bike?
    Name the place at your house that you go to relax.
    What do you need to see, in order to feel like the holidays are coming?
    What's the first question you ask the babysitter, after walking in the door?
    Other than raise a hand, what does a kindergartner do when she knows the answer?
    Name a hobby that you wouldn't expect a vegetarian to have.
    Name a game show that has been around forever.
    What do you do when your host for dinner serves something you don't like?
    Name a way kids know that it's time to stop playing and come home.
    Name a reason why workers might go on strike.
    Name a hobby that would make a person go broke quickly.
    Name a sport that people bet on.
    If a person doesn't cook well, which Thanksgiving food might they buy instead of bake?
    Name a word or phrase that ends in -phobia.
    Where in your house might you find something labeled poisonous?
    Name a trait that's essential for a high school teacher to have.
    Where, specifically, would you most hate to find ants?
    Tell me something you have paid too much for.
    If a skeleton went trick-or-treating, what might he request instead of candy?
    What might a bicyclist use to keep safe at night?
    Name a day of the year that some people don't want to spend alone.
    What might a restaurant have inside it that would cause it to be closed down?
    Tell me a place in the newspaper where you wouldn't want to see your name.
    Name something people bet on.
    If you were out of town and forgot to pack a change of clothes, what would you do?
    What do drivers do when they see a police car behind them?
    Name something that gets filed.
    Name something you hope that you're still doing when you're 80.
    Name a crime that some people probably commit every day.
    Name the most romantic place to go on a first date.
    Name something you do to the products at a grocery store, but not at a clothing store.
    What kind of food should not be served at a wedding?
    If your neighbor was really nosey, name something she wouldn't want you to put up at your house.
    Tell me something on your body that has an arch.
    Unlike a car, name something of his dad's that a teen wouldn't want to borrow.
    Tell me something you take to work only on special occasions.
    Name a reason why people move to California.
    What reasons would prevent you from becoming a teacher?
    Name something nice you get sick of saying during the holidays.
    Name a wedding gift that the bride and groom can never have too much of.
    We asked 100 men: what is the best place to have a bachelor party?
    What might you find in a closet from the 1970s?
    Name somewhere that parents can't wait for their kids to go.
    Name a word that means the same as coward.
    Name something that gets removed with tweezers.
    Tell me the first big itme you buy when moving to a new house.
    Name an event many people don't like to attend without a date.
    What might a man have on his body that some women consider a turn-on and others consider a turn-off?
    Name something that a pill bottle warning might tell you not to do.
    Before you see any fighting, how do you know you're watching a kung fu movie?
    Other than birds, name an animal that builds nests.
    Name a reason why parents want to find out the sex of their baby.
    What kind of trouble might the teenage lead character in an afterschool special be in?
    In which occupations might you "take care" of someone?
    Which superhero would you most like to have for a bodyguard?
    Name something a parent reminds their kid to use at summer camp.
    Name something you would hate to find on the bottom of your shoe.
    On a road trip, what would you hate to go for miles without seeing?
    Name something you usually do indoors, but might do outdoors when camping.
    Name something that people normally don't pay cash for.
    Tell me a famous Nick or Nicholas.
    Name a coffee drink people order while they're out, but can't make at home.
    Name a specific type of product you often see pro athletes selling.
    Name something you hide in your car so that a thief isn't tempted to break in.
    Name an occupation in which the uniforms look a lot like pajamas.
    Name something specific a husband might compliment his wife on just to make her feel good.
    Name a symbol associated with the 1960s.
    Name an excuse you'd give to a cop to try and get out of a speeding ticket.
    Name a Christmas item so tacky even Mrs. Claus wouldn't wear it.
    If you wanted to see your date in less clothing, where might you take them?
    Name something that you need a needle in order to do.
    Name something police cars do that you'd be ticketed for doin.
    Name something kids must get asked about over and over.
    Name a characteristic of children's cereal, that adults are less interested in.
    Name an age that many people look forward to.
    Name something you'd want to do if you went to New York City at Christmas time.
    Name a skill that's more important for teens to learn today, than previously.
    Name a slang term for a car.
    What might you want to have handy after eating an ear of corn?
    Name something that's given as a free sample in some stores.
    Tell me the noisiest household chore.
    Which part of parenting do many parents have trouble doing?
    Name a reason why someone might avoid their high school reunion.
    Name something you do to get rid of a song that's stuck in your head.
    Name something the baby of a family gets passed down to him.
    Name a famous Marilyn Monroe "wannabe".
    Name an occupation in which you'd sometimes have to be "on call."
    Name a reason why you wouldn't enter an eating contest.
    Name a food or drink that makes a sound the first time its container is opened.
    Name something a married couple does together that causes their kid to say, "I'll never do that".
    For which holidays do you eat too much?
    Name a part of a doll's body that might be movable.
    Name another word for "winner".
    Who is a child's most anticipated visitor?
    Up late at a sleepover, what might kids do when they hear Mom coming to check on them?
    Name something Miss America needs in order to win.
    Name something that you shouldn't have to do on your birthday.
    About what topic do couples most often fight?
    Without saying anything, what might your date do to make you worry that you have bad breath?
    What do thieves most commonly steal?
    Name something that's hard to build but easy to tear down.
    Name something that a woman might curl.
    Name a place where you hear people being paged over a loudspeaker.
    Name something a cowboy wears that makes him sexy.
    Name something you'd be surprised to find that a frat party had none of.
    Tell me the age at which young people think they have it all figured out.
    Tell me something that you'd only bring to a rock concert if you're starting to get old.
    What might a man complain that his wife treats him like?
    Name a meal that doesn't cost much.
    If you live in the country, name a type of lights that you don't see at night.
    On a scale from 1-10, how much do you fear getting older?
    How do you know that you're tuned into a country radio station?
    We asked 100 married women: name something your husband does that causes him to be too distracted to listen.
    Name something that's just more fun to go out and do, instead of doing at home.
    Name a sport that you could play in sandals.
    Name something people listen to headphones while doing.
    You're at a red light and want to race the car next to you. What would you notice about the competition that would stop you from even trying?
    Name an occupation that requires you to constantly wash your hands.
    Name a food that comes in a shell.
    Name something you wouldn't want the co-worker next to you to do non-stop.
    Name something people commonly daydream about.
    Which celeb's autograph would sell for the most money?
    Name a place you'd expect to get your hair wet, but not the rest of your body.
    Name a type of appointment a bride would have before her wedding.
    Name something your parents ask about every time they see you.
    Name something a tourist is often seen carrying.
    Name something at your house that uses a remote.
    Other than cash, what can you win by appearing on a game show?
    Other than a vacation, why might someone end up staying in a hotel?
    Which superhero has the coolest costume?
    Name a day of the week when you get the most work done.
    What might you ask to borrow from someone at the laundromat?
    What would you be surprised to hear that a married couple does separately?
    Name a fruit that you wouldn't want to carry home from the grocery store.
    Name a service that used to be just for humans, but people now get for their dogs too.
    Name something both teens and their parents do for fun on a Friday night.
    Name one of the greatest inventions of the last 100 years.
    Name the first thing you'd buy before a trip to alaska.
    What's the best way to order your eggs?
    Name something many people do in response to being complimented.
    Name something kids dissect in science class.
    Name something cats do out in the open that humans go into another room to do.
    Name something used to make yourself smell better.
    Name a room buyers inspect most closely when touring a house.
    Name a reason why people return something they've bought.
    Name an adjective that describes both your spouse and a piece of fruit.
    Tell me something that gets announced in the newspaper.
    Name a specific sign of affection that a woman would like to get more often from her husband.
    Name something a clown might wear oversized.
    Which person in a school building is likely to get the biggest ego?
    Name a place you visit where you aren't allowed to touch anything.
    Name an unhealthy ingredient you often see in kids' cereals.
    Name a person who you'd never trust to set you up on a blind date.
    Name a song that has the word Christmas in the title.
    Name a sport associated with senior citizens.
    Name a sport that you can still play when you're out of shape.
    Name a sport that you wouldn't play without protective equipment.
    Name a talent you rarely see women do outside a beauty pageant.
    Name a word that moms say to their children many times a day.
    Name something kids look forward to the most in the winter.
    Name something tasty that's used to decorate Christmas cookies.
    Name something that gets caught in a moustache.
    Name something that Marilyn Manson might have borrowed from Marilyn Monroe.
    Name something you eat that comes with sauce.
    Name something you put in your mouth but do not swallow.
    Name a job that requires you to knock on a stranger's door.
    Name a reason why a child might not want to have a long last name.
    What sticks in your head most from an irritating but memorable commercial.
    Name a reason a couple may keep a close watch on a calendar.
    Name some activities people do on Christmas that they don't do on other holidays?
    Name a small kitchen appliance that a bachelor might not have.
    Name something that New Orleans wouldn't be the same without.
    Name a reason you might dread going to a New Year's party at a club.
    Name a specific night of the year that you hope to be kissed.
    If stuck with not diapers, what might a desperate parent use instead?
    Name some dangers of taking a vacation to the North Pole.
    Name something you check online that you wouldn't want your ex to have your password for.
    Other than cowboy name a profession you often see in cowboy movies.
    What can you use as packing material instead of styrofoam?
    Name something specific that a teenager might say their parents don't understand.
    What do you worry about when bringing a date to your company holiday party?
    Tell me a place where you might accidentally walk off with a pen.
    Name something a woman's perfume might smell like.
    Name an animal that many children want for a pet but seldom get.
    Name an animal you're sometimes allowed to pet at the zoo.
    Name an occupation in which you'd be on the phone all day.
    Name an occasion where people get photographs that make them look better than in real life.
    Name something parents put on kids before a day of swimming.
    Complete the sentence my spouse married me for my____.
    Name something heart-shaped that you might get for Valentine's Day.
    On a first date who should your date avoid introducing you to so soon?
    Tell me a phrase used for getting fired, that sounds like it would hurt.
    Tell me something you'd find in your food that would make you send it back.
    If a fashion designer were inspired by football players what new style might they encourage?
    Name something that's on your dinner table every night that the dog won't beg for.
    On a scale from 1-10 how much do you worry about the future?
    Name a time when you exchange gifts.
    Name something your grandma does to her hair but you don't do to yours.
    Name a reason why someone might not get their hair cut.
    Despite its beauty name a reason why you wouldn't want to live in Hawaii.
    Name an occupation in which you'd be at greater risk of having a hernia.
    What skill might you need on your resume in order to get hired by Santa?
    Other than sickness what excuse would a kid use to stay home from school?
    Name something you take care to hide from houseguests.
    Name something a woman changes that her husband may not notice.
    Name something thats not as great when in its miniature form.
    What might a mobster do that gets him kicked out of the family?
    Name something you expect to find in a modern home.
    Name a specific person youd ask to help you move if you were in a jam.
    Name a complaint people have about shoes with laces.
    Name a famous Robert who many women consider handsome.
    Name a food that is better with ketchup on it.
    Name a Hollywood man who would have no trouble getting dates if he were single.
    Name an activity that you might wear goggles while doing.
    Name an animal whose print looks natural on them but gaudy when your neighbor wears it.
    Name something a person running from the law might not put on their social networking site.
    Name the part of his job that a teacher probably hates most.
    Name a sport that you dont usually see small people playing.
    Name a household chore that a kid would find fun but an adult would put off.
    Name something children climb on that makes their parents worry.
    Name a morning stop that many adults make first before going on to work.
    What diaper bag item would a parent hate to be without?
    Name a place in your car that you are likely to find something thats gone missing.
    Name something you might have a bad dream about being late for.
    What might you bring to the stadium if you wanted to be featured on the jumbo tron screen?
    Name a reason why a couple decides to move in together.
    Name something a realtor suggests you do in order to sell your house.
    Name something that could keep a family apart on Christmas.
    Name something people use to keep their dog in the yard.
    Name a good topping for waffles.
    Whose car would a thief be unlikely to steal?
    Name a type of alarm most people have in their house.
    Besides a professional cyclist name a job that involves riding a bicycle.
    Name something a school wastebasket is probably full of.
    Whose call might you wait by the phone for?
    Name a childhood fear that many people never outgrow.
    Name the first animal you think of when you picture a farm.
    Name someone who takes care of you when you are sick.
    Name a famous James who many women consider handsome.
    Name something short people can do better than tall people.
    Name the last person who youd want to catch you smooching someone.
    Name an attendant of a highschool cheerleader that could help her become President of the United States.
    Name something most parents dont let a child do by himself until hes at least 10.
    Name something that can help an average guy to look more attractive.
    Name a type of shoe that most women own at least one pair of.
    To appear stong what might a person avoid doing after being dumped?
    What in a crime scene would an investigator check for fingerprints?
    Name a piece of furniture thats too big to fit in a VW Bug.
    Name something chubby thats cute on a baby but not on an adult.
    Name an article of clothing that you dont wash every time you wear it.
    Name something moms tell their kids to do before eating dinner.
    Other than speeding name a reason a cop might pull you over.
    We asked 100 women name something you would not like to have a man do for you on a date.
    Name a place where they should have public bathrooms but dont.
    Tell me something about their parents that a teen finds embarrassing.
    Name something thats usually overpriced in a tourist area.
    Name something you can wear every day to feel like a superhero.
    What do people do with their cell phones thats annoying?
    Name a place where kids ask their parents how much longer?
    Name a perk that would make you accept a job despite a lower salary.
    Name something a kid might look forward to when starting a new school year.
    Name something that has pipes.
    Name a reason you might take a childs Halloween candy away.
    Name a place on your tax form where youd better not make a typo.
    Name something that adults might bribe a child into doing.
    Name something youd never buy without seeing it in real life first.
    Name something that might be happening at school that makes a kid want to stay home that day.
    Name a sound that youd often hear if you lived next to an amusement park.
    Name a type of professional who could not get away with having dirty hands.
    Name another word that a cool guy might use for car.
    Name the best gift you could bring to someone who has a cold.
    Name something kids do to cool off in summer that you wish you could do too.
    Name a cosmetic brand that you bet was named after a real person.
    What about a man might cause his girlfriends family to say hes not good enough for her?
    Name another word for shy.
    Name an acitivity that brings you very close to clouds.
    What type of vehicle might a family with lots of children want to own?
    Name something that regular people go on talk shows to discuss.
    Name a piece of exercise equipment that you might find in someones house.
    Name something you ride in or on that makes you dizzy.
    Name a state that youd hate to live in during summer.
    If you were on vacation in London what would be on the postcard you sent home?
    Why might you change clothes before leaving work?
    Give me a name used for a person who talks a lot.
    Name a type of clothing that comes with a matching top and bottom.
    Name an article of clothing thats often itchy.
    Where might you take someone on a date if you didnt want to spend any money?
    Name a place that a teenager might try to sneak into.
    Name something women did to their hair in the 80s but they dont do anymore.
    Name something that only a person who really loves Christmas would do as early as October.
    Name something people in the 1950s thought we would have by the year 2000.
    Name something youd hate for a beautician to do to your hair without asking.
    Name something specific a parent wishes for their child on the first day of kindergarten.
    Name something your partner has a hard time doing after a fight.
    Name something a man might ask his dads advice on.
    Name an occupation whose title ends with agent.
    Name a U.S. city with very aggressive drivers.
    If an alien gave you a guided tour of outer space what would be must-see stops?
    Name something annoying a person might do at an ATM when theres a long line behind them.
    At your physical name something you dont want the doctor to say is high.
    If an auctioneer had a baby what might be her first words?
    What might you see inside a bag of chips that would make you stop eating them?
    Name something a beach bum might spend the whole day doing.
    Name something you do with a teddy bear but not a real bear.
    Name something most everyone knows about The Beatles.
    Name a bird that cant fly.
    Name a birthday party game that requires music.
    Name a person who wears a black and white uniform.
    Other than to buy books why might someone go to a bookstore?
    Name an excuse people use at a party to get away from a boring conversation.
    Name a way that you wouldnt want your future boss to find out about you.
    Name something a dad would look silly borrowing from his child at the bowling alley.
    Name an occupatin that involves lifting boxes.
    Name something you never quite believed about The Brady Bunch.
    What beverage might the bride be afraid to drink in her gown before the wedding?
    Which color would you be surprised to see a bride wearing on her wedding day?
    Name something that can bring back the memory of an old love.
    What might a man be wearing that makes you suspect hes a burglar?
    Name something teens do to butter their parents up before asking for a favor?
    Name a grocery store item that you buy by weight.
    Name something that you can get for free at a casino.
    Name a place where youd find lots of celebrities in one room.
    Name something you would do if you heard that your favorite cereal was discontinued.
    Name a reason why a child you dont know might come to your door.
    Other than Santa name a character who stars in a Christmas show.
    Whats the first thing you do after getting your Christmas tree into the house?
    If Cinderella went to a therapist what might she complain about?
    In which cities do most movies take place?
    Name a place youd expect to go if former U.S. President Bill Clinton took you out on a date.
    Name something that gets sewn onto clothes.
    Which article of clothing must you try on 100 of before finding one that fits?
    Name something a body builder wears even when its cold out.
    Name something on her body that a woman might change the color of.
    Whats the first thing you do when a cop pulls you over?
    What happens to a couch that lest you know its time to get rid of it?
    Name something specific a couple might do together to get in shape.
    Name something that fitting room attendants probably get sick of customers doing.
    Even as an adult name something youve asked for your dads advie on.
    Name something a daring carnival performer might put in his mouth.
    Name something you hope a vampire leaves home when he goes on a date.
    Name something an audience might do if they dislike the movie.
    Name a type of doctor that wouldnt need to wear gloves.
    What domestic activity would you be surprised to find Mrs. Claus couldnt do?
    Name something you would not want to drop your wedding ring into.
    Name a beverage that you wouldnt drink right before bed.
    Name an electronic device you could not live without.
    Name something an elevator operator probably gets tired of saying.
    Name something you might add in an e-mail that is not a word.
    Name something from your ex that you might get rid of when starting a new relationship.
    Name something a grown woman might lie about but a young girl wouldnt.
    He may forget their anniversary but name something a man would never forget about his wife.
    Name something people wait in line for on hot days.
    Which words do you dread hearing at the dentists office?
    What might a kid bring home that would cause their mom to say get that out of here!
    If you sent a postcard from China what would be pictured on the front?
    Name an American state thats often visited on family vacations.
    If a person is raised on a farm name something you expect them to be better at.
    Name something a groom would hate to lose before his wedding ceremony.
    Name a part of a magazine that you dont read.
    Name something you use while carving a jack-o-lantern but not while carving a turkey.
    Name a part of your body that feels stuffed up when you have a cold.
    Name an exercise youd do a lot of if you were in the military.
    Name a household activity that people wear gloves while doing.
    Before visiting a new city name something for which you might get a recommendation.
    Name something a man might do at the gym to impress a woman.
    When falling in love what words might someone say to end this phrase I love you will all my ____?
    Which country might an American woman fantasize about finding romance in?
    What might a driver fail to do that could cause an accident?
    Tell me a decor item on a fast food restaurant that you wouldnt want on your house.
    Name something most dads get on Fathers Day.
    Name something that chili may come with or without.
    Name something you would hate to be wearing when company comes.
    Name a reason why your partner calls you at work.
    Name something teens are excited to do for the first time but adults are tired of doing.
    Name the most inconsiderate way to break up with somebody.
    Name something thats hard to guess about a woman youre just meeting.
    Other than teeth name something people use a toothbrush to clean.
    Name something thats often served with cheese at a party.
    Tell me something you hate to wear too short.
    Name a food that usually tastes so-so but tastes fantastic once fried.
    If you loan a car to a friend name something you hope they dont do.
    Name something people mark on their calendars.
    Name something that a long distance couple does to stay close.
    Name a place where you might be given a ticket.
    Name something that a stalker and a detective both do.
    Name a hobby better suited for country living than city living.
    Without ever seeing it how can you tell theres a mouse in the house?
    Name an activity people used to do without knowing it was unhealty.
    Name an excuse that people give for leaving a boring party early.
    Who is the first person a man goes to if hes considering proposing?
    Name something a telemarketer must hate about their job.
    Name a spot on the body that you like massaged after a long day.
    Name something kids try to get as much of as their parents will let them have.
    Name something you avoid if you dont like to hear your own voice.
    Name a reason a model may be told not to smile.
    Name something thats hard to wash off your hands even with soap.
    Name a flavorr that kids toothpaste comes in but adults doesnt.
    Past or present name a famous character whod have to remove their mask before a date.
    What would you be annoyed to find that the valet parker had cranked up in your car?
    Name an occupational hazard for a cowboy.
    How many dates should you go on before kissing someone?
    At a nightclub name something you wouldnt want to be doing when the music suddenly stopped.
    Name an American city that has its own accent.
    Tell me a reason why your phone conversation might end suddenly.
    What is something in your house that needs to be replaced regularly?
    Name something you look forward to getting in the mail.
    What reason would most people give for why they drink coffee?
    Name a pet some people have that youd be too afraid to own.
    Name a place where people always seem to have to cram into.
    When researching their family tree what are people happy to find out about their ancestors?
    Name a sport thats thought of as sophisticated.
    Name a prize that you might win from a carnival game.
    Name a warning you hear on commercials for new drugs.
    Name something people associate with ancient Egypt.
    Name something a child asks for just to delay his bedtime.
    Name a term that starts with the word final.
    Name an animal that people ride.
    Name something that a person who dislikes technology might now have.
    Name something Santa does that you wouldnt want your house guests to do.
    Name the most used piece of furniture in a house.
    Name something about your current job thats better than your former job.
    Name an occupation in which youd get to use a 2-way radio.
    Name something a woman might have a hard time doing in her last month of pregnancy.
    Name a valuable possession that you cant bring with you on a road trip.
    Other than Hallowee name a reason why you might wear a costume.
    Name a reason why its hard to slow dance with a ghost.
    Name something youd hate to be chased by.
    Name a reason why you might return the sweater you got for Christmas.
    Name something a burglar would hate to have in the car when the cops pull him over.
    Name something thats not allowed in some hotels.
    Name an occupation that youd be in trouble if you disrespected.
    When a teenager breaks up name a memento she might throw away.
    Name a highly respected occupation that deserves a higher salary than they earn.
    Name something the President and Vice-President should have in common.
    Name something husbands will admit they borrow from their wives.
    Which flavor of ice cream do shops probably sell most of?
    Name something a woman might suggest her husband do to improve his appearance.
    After having kids name something that happens that interrupts a couples alone time at night.
    Name something every good joke needs.
    Name something parents do to their kids and then tell their kids not to do.
    Name something kids might use to help them count.
    Name a place where a couple is expected to kiss.
    Name something it might be ok to lie to a partner about in order to spare their feelings.
    Tell me something co-workers talk about on their lunch break.
    Name something a magician might wish he could make disappear permanently.
    Name something you wouldnt do just before running a marathon.
    Name a type of product that olympic athletes do commercials for.
    Name something you got before bed as a kid that you'd like to get before bed now.
    Name an occasion where it'd be embarrassing to show up empty handed.
    Name something in their yard that people try to get rid of.
    Name a reason you would not want to live on a houseboat.
    How can you let your partner know that you're thinking of them when you're out-of-town?
    Name a room in your house where it is unnecessary to have a TV.
    Name something people do when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's.
    Name something stressful that we associate with moving.
    Name a perfect job for somebody who wants to spend all day on a golf course.
    Name a person in their life who many young boys have a crush on.
    Name something that makes you sleepy on the afternoon of Thanksgiving.
    Which part of a newspaper would a teenager likely read first?
    Name something popcorn is sometimes covered with.
    Name something that women often do more gracefully than men.
    What would you wear to a job fair but not to a county fair?
    Name something you mix with water before drinking.
    Name something girls usually aren't allowed to wear until they're older.
    Other than bad vision name a reason why someone might wear glasses.
    Name a type of critter that scares you when you find it in your house.
    Name something a kid does on a Saturday morning that you wish you could still do.
    Name something many people do at the same time every day.
    Name something that could completely ruin a runner's morning jog.
    Name something annoying that happens to you on a very windy day.
    If there was a school for training rock stars who might be the principal?
    Name something Robin Hood wore that most men would never leave the house in.
    Name something you have to wear in order to be let in to some restaurants.
    What might someone hope to get by going on a reality TV show?
    Why might someone avoid raising their arms?
    Name something you put on your face that you'd never dream of putting on your feet.
    Name something that people put on their dogs.
    Tell me something in your garage that only a very pushy neighbor would ask to borrow.
    Name something that can be pumped.
    Name something a woman might say she needs before she accepts a marriage proposal.
    Name something a boy might give his prom date upon picking her up.
    What type of prize are game show contestants most excited about winning?
    How can you identify a pizza delivery car?
    Name an occupation that would cause Pinocchio's nose to grow constantly.
    Name something your dog might do during a storm.
    Name an occupation in which your spouse might have to travel a lot.
    Name an animal you would not want to encounter hanging from a tree.
    Name an occupation that a boy wouldn't want his girlfriend's father to have.
    Name a sport that requires water in order to be played.
    When you don't frame a photograph where do you put it?
    Other than love name a word that's in almost every love song.
    Fireworks promote weddings birthdays and other joyous occasions but for which life event would it be inappropriate to set off fireworks?
    Name a noise your neighbor might complain about if you were hosting a New Year's Party.
    If you could pick a comic book super power what would it be?
    If you see pink frosting on a cake what flavor would you expect it to be?
    Name something most kids put in their mouths although it doesn't taste good.
    When hosting a dinner party what might you ask a friend to bring?
    Name an animal that might live in a tree.
    Name something that the bride and groom do at a wedding that another guest should not.
    Name something that gets into your house if you leave food out.
    Name a time when a man might be extra caring toward his wife.
    Name something that causes you to become friends with someone you otherwise wouldn't have.
    Like a colored Easter egg which holiday is fun to have when it's fresh but not fun to find months later.
    Name a coffee drink that's easy to mispronounce.
    What do people pay to have guessed at the carnival?
    Other than displays of affection name something you wish couples wouldn't do in public.
    Name an occupation where you might use a whistle.
    Tell me the first thing you remember spending a lot of money on.
    Tell me an invention that probably led to people having much less spare time.
    We asked 100 wives tell me something you do to get some sleep when your husband is snoring.
    What might you be afraid of while sleeping in a tent?
    Name a noise in the house that can keep you up when you're trying to sleep.
    What do you do at the first sign of sickness to try and prevent it from getting worse?
    Name something that needs to be shiny if you want to impress people at the bowling alley.
    Name something at a salon that you look silly having used on you.
    Name something a home might have to make it energy efficient.
    Name a man from history that you consider hot enough to time travel back to be with.
    Finish this sentence My greatest success in my life is my ____.
    Name a foreign language a large corporation may require its employees to learn.
    Name an event in your life that your loved ones might travel to attend.
    Name a type of entertainment you can find out about in the newspaper.
    Name a dessert thats not baked.
    Name something a couple shouldn't do until they've known each other for a long time.
    Name something you clean that gets dirty again within a day.
    Tell me a rebel who many women adore.
    Name a reason why you wouldn't recognize someone at your high school reunion.
    When a celebrity is spotted in public name something they probably hate for fans to do.
    Name an occupation that you hope is great at their job 100% of the time.
    Name a beverage that is clear or almost clear in color.
    Name a specific part of the body that people try to tone by working out.
    Name a part of table manners that most people learn from their parents.
    Name something a person might be scared to do at their first swim lesson.
    At which place would it be most embarrassing to have your date wear sweat pants?
    Name something the police might look for when they search a suspect's house.
    Name a city that starts with San.
    To avoid staining your clothes name something you might consume in the nude.
    What can students do to make their teacher like them?
    Name something people own many of but only use their few favorites.
    At a restaurant what do customers do while waiting for a table to open?
    Name something that many people are afraid to drive on.
    Name something that gets in the way of a couple having time to spend alone with eachother.
    Name something a car dealer wouldn't want happening to one of their cars on a test drive.
    We asked 100 women Name a place where you see lots of handsome men.
    Name a food that you like to eat on a very hot day.
    What's the worst thing that can happen when you're eating outside?
    Name something a boy scout learns to do that won't exactly prepare him for a future occupation.
    Where in your house might you hide a Christmas gift?
    Name a traffic sign that you wouldn't see on the freeway.
    Name a salutation that you wouldn't use to end a letter to your significant other.
    Name a relationship move that even a strong woman might wait for her partner to make first.
    Name a specific reason why a person gets a dog.
    Tell me a question people ask right away when they find out a woman is pregnant.
    Name a profession where you can lay down on the job.
    Name a place where you'd hate to be in line on the day before Thanksgiving.
    We asked 100 single men What would you love for a woman to love as much as you do?
    Name something a little boy might do to imitate his dad.
    Name a Halloween costume that young girls often wear.
    Name a way to tell that your boss is about to start yelling.
    Name something that works better on a windy day.
    Which group of people in a person's life might have given him/her a nickname?
    Instead of money what might Santa give his reindeer as pay?
    What is the most common thing people get stuck in their hair?
    What are kids told to do when eating a food they don't like?
    Name a type of weather warning that might interrupt your TV show.
    Name something you tow behind a vehicle that slows down your trip.
    Name a reason you may quickly go on an unscheduled vacation.
    If a woman had a wish list for what she wants in a partner what might be on it?
    Name something you do when you're driving alone that you wouldn't do while riding the bus.
    Name something it'd be weird for a divorced couple to continue sharing.
    Name something you'd become an astronaut just to try.
    Name something that might get broken at a child's birthday party.

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